Pranidhi Solutions opens the windows of outsourcing BPO, KPO and IT services industry for the customers from all over the world.

Temp-to-Hire / Long term Contract hiring:

Our Temp-to-Hire staffing option is designed specifically for clients interested in evaluating a resource before making a long-term commitment/Full-scale job offer. Our employee will work on a temporary basis and transition to a permanent position after a period of time.

With our long term contract hiring plan our client scan still continue to have these resources on contract for long term.

Direct Hire / Permanent Staffing:

Pranidhi offers full lifecycle permanent staffing services to organizations and provides seamless access to highly talented and experienced professionals to meet the strategic and long term requirements of organizations.

  • Efficient pre- screening process.
  • Ability to attract right people
  • Reasonable turn- around time.
  • Wide reach among the professionals in the industry Proven profile matching methodologies.
  • Ability to conduct pre-screening tests to suit varied clients.
  • Best of recruitment process and employee benefit package enabling right manpower on- board.
  • Proven processes, methodologies and information systems for efficient management of Database.
  • Right technical acumen to adapt ourselves to varied client req